Instructions for connecting and configuring UniTalk and CRM Perfectum integration

Publication date: 22.02.2023

CRM Perfectum is a Ukrainian CRM system that is suitable for running any type of business in order to automate all processes.

To set up integrationCRMPerfectum with UniTalk IP telephony, you need to go to the “Settings” path -> Configuration > Telephony > Unitalk”.

Step 1. The following parameters are available to configure the module:

  • URL for receiving data during a call, which can be obtained in the UniTalk IP Telephony Personal Area.
  • UniTalk APIKey from the UniTalk IP Telephony personal account.
  • The period of days in the filter field of the call table, by default – you should specify a number in days.
  • Automatic lead generation from a missed call – yes or no.
  • Automatic lead generation after answering incoming calls – yes or no.
  • Employees to whom notifications should be sent during calls, except for those in charge – select employees.
  • The default lead source for automatic generation is to specify a lead source from the available ones.
  • Pause after which to send messages to employees after they are generated – specify the number.
  • Send notifications about missed calls to the person responsible for the lead – yes or no.
  • Send notifications about missed calls to client administrators – yes or no.
  • Yes or no to send notifications about missed calls from unknown numbers.


To set up Unitalk IP telephony, follow these steps:

  • go to personal account Unitalk and in the sidebar, go to the “Event handling” section
  • specify the name of the webhook you want to use
  • in the URL parameter field, insert the “URL to receive data during the call”, which can be found in the Unitalk module settings in your system
  • select the HTTP method “POST”
  • click the “Save” button

It is important to remember that you can use any name for the webhook, and when copying the “URL to receive data during the call”, make sure that there are no extra spaces in the address.


Step 2. After that, open the sidebar, select the Integration section, and open ARI.


Step 3. Next, click the “Create API key” button, copy the key and paste it into the “UniTalk APIKey” parameter in the UniTalk settings.


Step 4. Next, find the section “Call event handling (Outbound webhooks)” and select the previously created webhook.

  • Next to the event, click the triangle.
  • Select the webhook you created from the list.
  • Repeat the same steps with other events.


Step 5. Customize employee extensions. Open the sidebar and select the Users section.

Click the “SIP Settings” button, configure by copying the “SIP line” number and paste it into the employee’s profile.

Step 6. Add SIP lines to the employee profile.

Follow the “Settings” path-> The company > Employees”, open the employee’s card and in the “Extension number” field, enter the extension number of the corresponding employee. After that, click the “Save” button.
When using Unitalk telephony, it is important to disable any other telephony on your system. To do this, go to the Settings section > “Configuration” > “Manage modules” and disable other telephony using the switch so that they are not active when using Unitalk.
To set up an alert during an incoming call, you need to configure Push notifications. After setting up, make sure you have notifications enabled in your browser.