Instructions for connecting UniTalk integration with Zendesk Support

Publication date: 08.06.2022

1. Log in to your Zendesk Support account under the owner’s account. Enter your Zendesk Support account name in the Account Name field. If you have an account in the form, then you only need to enter accountname. Then click the “Connect” button.



2. Then, in your Zendesk account, open the UniTalk Cloud widget from the link and install it.



3. Select the Zendesk Support account you want to connect to the integration.



4. Now click the “Install” button.



5. This is how the installed UniTalk Cloud application looks like.




Integration settings

In the Zendesk Support account, go to the menu item Administrator – People – Agents and set a standard group (department) for each employee. The standard group is required so that when creating cases, the specified group is assigned the responsibility.






Enable Integration

If you want your Zendesk Support account to automatically open a ticket in your browser when you answer a call, enable the setting “Automatically open ticket in browser when answering a call”.

If you want client requests to be created not only for incoming calls, but also for outgoing calls, then enable the setting “Create contacts and tickets also for outgoing calls”.




Set who will be responsible for the created ticket:

  • Agent – in this case, the user who answered the call will be responsible.
  • Department – in this case, the standard department, the operator of which answered the call, will be responsible.

If the call is missed, then the appeal will be created for the operator or department that did not answer the call.

If the call is received by a number that is not associated with a Zendesk Support user, cases will be created without specifying the responsible person.

Assign extension numbers to Zendesk Support account users.



Information about the possibilities of integration at the link.

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