Instructions for connecting and configuring UniTalk and PipeDrive CRM integration

Publication date: 14.02.2023

Connecting Integration

To connect the integration with PipeDrive CRM, the following is required


1. At the top right of the project page, click the user icon (Fig. 1);


Fig. 1


2. In the opened dialog box, select the “Company settings” option (Fig. 2);


Fig. 2


3. Copy the domain of the company specified in the corresponding field (Fig. 3);


Fig. 3.


4. Go to the PipeDrive page in the Integration section of the Unitalk personal account and paste the copied domain into the Project Name field (Figure 4);

Fig. 4

Please note! To the copied domain you need to add a signature “”. Otherwise, the integration will not work.

5. On the PipeDrive CRM project settings page, select the Personal Settings item from the navigation menu (Figure 5);


Fig. 5


6. On the page that opens, go to the “API” tab and click “Copy” (Fig. 6);

Fig. 6


7. Go to the “PipeDrive” page in the “Integration” section of the Unitalk personal cabinet and paste the copied token into the “API Key” field (pic. 7);


Fig. 7.


8. Click the “Connect” button (Fig. 8).


Fig. 8

Setting up integration

Once connected, the page will display three sections that allow you to configure the integration

Integration Setup” section

The “Integration settings” section allows you to configure the following parameters (Fig. 9):

  • Turn integration on/off;
  • Enable/disable creation of entities when making outgoing calls;
  • Select the types of entities you want to create:
    • Contacts and deals;
    • Contacts and Leeds.

Fig. 9


Note that when you create contacts and deals/leads, tasks will be created that contain information about calls

The “Default Responsible” section

The Default Accountable section allows you to select a person responsible for missed calls from the PipeDrive user list for each day of the week (Figure 10).


Fig. 10

Section “Internal numbers”

To set up automatic calls from the PipeDrive CRM, a phone number must be specified for each PipeDrive CRM user in the “Internal Numbers” section (Figure 11). This can be internal lines or a GSM operator.



Please note! Users with no phone number listed will not be able to make calls from PipeDrive CRM.