Description of PrimeGate integration options

Publication date: 8.06.2022

PrimeGate is a platform that identifies traffic sources for various incoming requests: form, chat, calls. Allows you to track the effectiveness of advertising from click to transaction.


The integration of UniTalk and PrimeGate IP telephony is completely free. Connecting the integration will take you a minimum of time. You can find instructions for connecting the integration on the PrimeGate website at the link.

Saving call history and conversation records in PrimeGate.


The UniTalk integration with PrimeGate opens up a number of possibilities for you.

Calls that come into your UniTalk personal account are sent to the PrimeGate system. The PrimeGate system saves only those calls that are received via external lines added to the settings of the Virtual PBX numbers in the PrimeGate account. Also, these numbers must be added to the call tracking settings in the pool of numbers. Or the call must be made from the PrimeGate callback form, or from a form connected to the PrimeGate system. Both incoming and outgoing calls are received.


You can listen to audio recordings of conversations in the contact or deal card.


Corporate number for a PrimeGate user.

You can use UniTalk telephony to integrate with PrimeGate account. You can assign an internal UniTalk IP telephony line to each Virtual PBX employee.

Automatic creation of contacts and deals.

If you set up automatic creation of contacts and deals in your PrimeGate account, then when calls come in, client cards will be created, which will indicate the source of the call, utm-tags, and records of conversations will be stored.


Automatic distribution of deals across sales funnels.

In PrimeGate, you have the ability to set up your sales funnels and stages of the deal for the funnel. And also set up in which funnel and at what stage deals will be automatically created. Which transaction statuses are successful, which ones are unsuccessful.


Saving conversion data on a call and analyzing the effectiveness of your advertising.

When calling from the UniTalk system, conversion data is sent: utm tags (utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content), Client Google ID and saved in PrimeGate system calls. This will allow you to pinpoint the source of the call and generate various call analytics reports.

Making calls from PrimeGate callback forms.

You can connect the PrimeGate callback form on your website. At the same time, requests from this form will be sent to the PrimeGate account, and calls will be made using UniTalk IP-telephony. In your PrimeGate account, you can set up the callback form work schedule.

You can also connect your forms on the site to the PrimeGate system. The calls will be processed by UniTalk telephony.

Widget with information about the contact.


In the CRM settings of your PrimeGate personal account, you can enable a widget with alerts for calls, forms, callbacks. Using the widget, you can quickly go to the contact card.

Building various reports based on incoming calls.


PrimeGate has the functionality to build various reports: sales channels, end-to-end analytics, by IP-addresses of sources, by services, reports on call tracking and financial analytics.