Integration of Bitrix24 with IP-telephony

Publication date: 7.06.2022



Bitrix24 is a CRM system that helps to control all channels of communication with customers and automate sales.



Integration of UniTalk IP telephony with CRM Bitrix24 is completely free. Connecting the integration will take you no more than 10 minutes. With integration, you can track all customer calls, optimize business processes and increase sales. You can easily customize the integration according to your needs.

Integration of UniTalk with Bitrix24 opens up a number of possibilities for you:

  • Call history and conversation recording.
Possibilities of integrating UniTalk with Bitrix24

All calls that come to the UniTalk personal account are transferred to the customer cards in Bitrix24. You can listen to call recordings of a specific customer or call recordings that relate to a specific transaction.


Possibilities of integrating UniTalk with Bitrix24
  • Corporate number for Bitrix24 user.

Bitrix24 account users can be assigned internal lines of UniTalk account users. This will allow you to assign a responsible employee in the contact, lead, deal cards and make outgoing calls from the Bitrix24 account.

  • Automatic creation of lead or contact cards and deals for incoming calls.

Depending on the integration settings, Bitrix24 will create a lead or contact and deal card for incoming calls. This automatically fills in the name of the client, his phone number and the responsible employee. When creating a card, the employee who answered the call is set as the responsible person.


  • Automatic distribution of deals across sales funnels.

A deal is created in a certain sales funnel at a certain stage, depending on the source of the call.

  • Saving conversion data on a call and analyzing the effectiveness of your advertising.

If Call Tracking or a call is received from the Callback Button, then conversion data can be transferred to the lead, contact and deal cards during creation: utm tags (utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content), Client Google ID, RoiStat visit number, number , which the client called or own value.

It is also possible that the transmitted data may vary depending on the source of the call. The fields of contacts, deals or leads are filled in order of priority, depending on the external line to which the call was received, depending on the domain, on the site from which the call was made. Values without conditions have the lowest priority.


  • Detailed setting of responsible employees for missed calls.

For missed calls, you can select responsible employees depending on the source of the call, day of the week and time period. You can choose a random responsible person from a group of employees.

  • Transferring an incoming call to a responsible employee.

If a lead or contact card already exists in Bitrix24, then the incoming call can be automatically transferred to the responsible employee. To do this, it is enough to specify the call transfer step “To the responsible manager” in the incoming script and look for the responsible one in the CRM system.


  • Outgoing call in one click.

You can make outgoing calls in one click directly from your Bitrix24 account by simply clicking on the client number in the contact or lead card or by clicking on the call button.

  • Widget that is displayed when making a call.

When making incoming and outgoing calls, a pop-up window appears in the Bitrix24 account, which displays information about the client or the widget notifies you about new clients who have called for the first time.


Possibilities of integrating UniTalk with Bitrix24
  • Displaying the responsible employee for incoming calls on the SIP client.

During an incoming call in the SIP client, the name of the caller will be displayed as “lead/contact name – responsible”, if the lead/contact with this phone number exists in Bitrix24.



  • Quick transition to the contact/lead/deal card from the UniTalk personal account.

If this setting is enabled, then links to the contact, lead, deal, if they exist, will be saved in the calls of the call history. Also, the responsible employee and the name of the contact/lead will be displayed in the call history.

  • Making calls using Bitrix24 callback forms.

You can set a script for making calls from the Bitrix24 callback forms.