Black Friday! Promotion from UniTalk – 50%

Publication date: 21.09.2022

What is Black Friday?!

Sales on this day began to be held in the United States in the 19th century, and the term “Black Friday” itself appeared in 1966. Why exactly Black Friday is still being discussed.

Some say taxi and bus drivers in major cities referred to the hectic day as “Black Friday,” which marks the start of Christmas shopping and the “frantic chase for Christmas presents.”

Police and bus drivers across states had a hard time on “the biggest shopping and traffic jam day of the year.”

Another version says that “Black Friday” is called because of the crowds of people and excessive congestion in shopping centers and parking lots.

Another suggestion is that shops close at night on this day.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that Black Friday is the only day when the accounting books of commercial enterprises will definitely be black with entries.



Black Friday is gaining popularity every year.

And we are no exception!
IP-telephony UniTalk announces “Black Friday” and provides a discount of -50% * for the first month of the subscription fee of our services to everyone who connects from November 23 to December 3 inclusive.
You have a unique opportunity to try innovative tools to develop your business. ????????Connect.

*The promotion is valid from November 23 to December 3 inclusive. A 50% discount is provided for UniTalk IP-telephony services without taking into account the cost of renting numbers and billing calls.