UniTalk Web Dialer – SIP client built into Google Chrome browser

Publication date: 11.11.2022

The UniTalk team presents a new product – UniTalk Web Dialer.

  • UniTalk Web Dialer is a virtual phone that plugs right into the Google Chrome browser.
  • UniTalk Web Dialer – will greatly simplify the work of operators, provide additional options for performing various tasks and optimize the workflow.
  • UniTalk Web Dialer is packaged as an extension for Google Chrome, works like a regular softphone, similar to MicroSIP or Zoiper, but has significant advantages:

1. The widget is always located on all browser tabs and is synchronized between them. If you are communicating with a client, you do not need to minimize the browser with an open CRM system to switch to a virtual phone. The widget will be displayed on top of the same browser tab, it can be easily moved to any part of the screen.


2. In UniTalk Web Dialer, information from your CRM system is additionally pulled up and it is possible to see links to cards of contacts, deals, leads or other entities of your CRM in it.

It is also important that in some CRMs this information cannot be shown in any other way. So users like PipeDrive can finally take advantage of this unique functionality.


3. Authorization in the widget occurs using the same login and password as when entering the UniTalk personal account. At the same time, the user can choose from all available and configured SIP lines that are linked to his account.

4. For the convenience of our customers, in the widget settings, we have provided for changing its scale.

5. The widget is available in four languages.

We invite all users to take part in UniTalk Web Dialer Beta testing free of charge.

Very soon we will introduce many new features and functionality of UniTalk Web Dialer – stay tuned for our announcements.


Instructions for installing and using UniTalk Web Dialer

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