Possibilities of integrating UniTalk with RemOnline

Publication date: 8.06.2022

RemOnline – CRM for service centers. This is an effective tool for managing and automating the work of the service center.


Integration of UniTalk IP-telephony with CRM RemOnline is completely free. Connecting the integration will take you 10 minutes. With the help of integration, you can track customer calls and manage business processes. You can easily customize the integration according to your needs.

The integration of UniTalk with RemOnline opens up a number of possibilities.


History of calls and a link to a recording of conversations.

You can view a list of all calls, as well as a comment on the call. The comment contains data about the call, analytics data and a link to the recording of conversations, if there was a conversation.


Corporate number for a RemOnline user.

You can assign an internal UniTalk line or a GSM number to each RemOnline account user.


Automatic creation of contact cards or client and order cards for incoming calls.

For incoming calls, cases are automatically created if lead generation is selected. If you choose to create customers and orders, then the corresponding cards are created.

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Requests and orders are assigned the selected statuses and types.

Upon creation, the selected statuses and types are assigned to cases and orders.



Saving conversion data on a call and analyzing the effectiveness of your advertising.

During click to call and call tracking calls in the comments of appeals or orders are transmitted analytics data such as utm tags (utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term, utm_content), Client Google ID, Facebook Client ID, the number the customer called or its value.



Detailed setting of responsible employees for missed calls.

For missed calls, you can select responsible employees depending on the day of the week.


Transferring an incoming call to a responsible employee.

If RemOnline already has a customer card, then the incoming call can be automatically transferred to the responsible employee. To do this, it is enough to specify the call transfer step “To the responsible manager” in the incoming script and look for the responsible one in the CRM system.


Display client name for incoming calls on SIP client.

For incoming calls, the SIP client displays the client’s name if it already exists in CRM.