Technical support specialist (IP-telephony) (Kyiv)

Publication date: 23.09.2022

Due to staff growth, a technical support employee is required

Working conditions:

  • For a probationary period – rate. After the probationary period, the rate + bonuses. The company once a year revise the salary upwards.
  • Constant training within the company, from the coolest specialists, a knowledge base is also available, the opportunity to hone your skills on “laboratory stands”.
  • At the time of training, passing a trial period is provided responsible for your result.
  • Office in Podil, 5 minutes from Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station
  • Working hours from 9.00a.m to 18.00p.m and paid shifts
  • Paid vacation and sick leave.
  • Free coffee/tea/cookies, we value our employees;
  • Loyal management, friendly atmosphere.
  • Comfortable large office, with powerful workstations, comfortable large monitor.

Our candidate has the following qualities:

  • Initiative and maximum interest in solving the client’s issue, independence.
  • The ability to independently obtain the necessary information to solve the technical problem of the client. Thirst for new interesting knowledge in cloud technologies.
  • Patience, stress resistance, the ability to smooth out a conflict situation with a client, sociability, sociability.

Experience (ready to teach):

  • Experience in setting up network equipment (router, network card, ip phone,).
  • Experience in teamviewer, anydesk.
  • Understanding the basic principles of work in Linux / Unix systems, and the level of use of the command line at the user level.
  • Understanding what is TCP / IP, TLS, NAT (everything in general terms), and what are the differences between TCP and UDP.
  • A superficial understanding of what IP telephony is.
  • Deeper knowledge of networking, Linux, and telephony is welcome (with a review of the salary level).


  • Connecting clients to the cloud telephony system, assisting in solving technical issues, consultation on setting up.
  • Remote software installation (via Teamviewer, Anydesk).
  • Setting up client telephony (via the web interface).
  • Setting up remote network equipment (via the web interface).
  • Receiving customer requests via phone call or chatbot.

In other words:

We need a person with basic knowledge of networks. If you have seen the router’s interface, understand what NAT is, how TCP differs from UDP, what is ping, and know how to set up the sound on a remote computer – you suit us.

From us, suitable conditions from the first month of work, training in technical aspects, increasing your financial comfort zone, knowledge in the well-paid field of information technology.

From the first month, you will receive a net rate – we are ready to invest in your education. Wage indexation and revision of working conditions are guaranteed, comparable to your development as a specialist.



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