Setting forwarding to UniTalk multichannel numbers

Publication date: 04.06.2022

When creating a project and connecting to telephony services, you have the opportunity to set scripts for incoming and outgoing calls, and choose and configure the path and method of routing them. One possibility is to set up call rediract to UniTalk multichannel numbers.

From the moment of renting a number in sip format in the section “IP-telephony” – “external lines“,

Setting forwarding to UniTalk multichannel numbers


You can set call forwarding to it, for example, from your personal number. Let’s say that you have a number that needs to be saved, but the carrier of this number is a sim card (as an example, let’s take the number 38 050 000 00 00), and there is a need to use a number in sip format (for example, 38 066 000 00 00), what should be done to set call forwarding from your number to the rented UniTalk number? For example, we have selected Vodafone numbers. To set forwarding in this direction, specify the command type that will correspond to the type of forwarding (forwarding types: “on no answer”, “on busy” and “forward unconditional”). You must select and set unconditional forwarding to Vodafone. This can be done by dialing the command **21*xxx#, where xxx is the phone number to which calls will be redirected, enter the number in the international format (**21*380660000000#). To disable forwarding, dial *21# (for unconditional forwarding).

When setting forwarding to other operators, the type of command and the type of forwarding must be specified either in the call center or on the website of the corresponding operator.