UniTalk clients are:

  • more than 1000 satisfied customers from all over the world;
  • from small business: 3-5 employees; to large business: several hundred employees;
  • solving problems of automating telephone communications of any type;
  • for all areas of business from any country in the world.


Igor Klyga
CEO BIG MONEY University
BIG MONEY University is an educational environment for entrepreneurs who know and value time and quality in business in a special way.
BIG MONEY University business speakers are top entrepreneurs in various business areas, including Evgeny Chernyak, Oleg Gorokhovsky, Natalia Shmigelskaya, Alexander Konotopsky, Marina Avdeeva, and many others.
A high level of professionalism is a particular requirement for the tools that entrepreneurs use, and telephony is no exception.
BIG MONEY University has been a client and uses UniTalk IP telephony for a long time.
Thousands of phone calls per month, flexible configuration of incoming call scripts by day of the week and time interval, interactive voice menu, operator statistics, recording of telephone conversations for quality assessment, integration with analytics systems, and other UniTalk services allow us to provide all the necessary functionality at a high level, optimize customer service and grow our business.
After several months of using UniTalk IP telephony, we have connected another of our ambitious projects – the international club of entrepreneurs BIG MONEY CLUB.
We thank UniTalk for its cooperation and can safely recommend it to others. You are the best!

Alexander Gritsun

Alexander Gritsun
Head of Client and Partner Support at “Pokupon” and “Superdeal”
More than two years ago, Pokupon was forced to look for an alternative to the main provider of IP telephony due to systematic failures, due to which our company was losing large amounts of money. Fortunately, we have found a new provider of IP telephony – UniTalk. Immediately after the transition, we felt a significant difference. IP telephony works stably without failures. Lightning response of technical support and other representatives of the company. Convenient functionality of a personal account that is constantly being improved. Adequate pricing policy. We are always helped to find optimal technical solutions. If we did not manage to pay the bill on time, we always increase the credit limit, we are always in touch.
UniTalk is our reliable partner that helps us earn more!

Artem Urusov
Technical Director
company “Smakuy”
I would like to share my feedback about working with UniTalk. We have been working for more than two years and during this time I can note some important factors for me. Instant response from those. support for any questions, even stupid ones. Adequate and quick response to technical improvements that are needed. Stable service. I found all necessary integrations with other services. Simplicity and ease of setup sometimes surprised. In the end, I want to say that I found everything I was looking for in telephony at UniTalk.


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