Phone event constructor

Phone event constructor

Phone event constructor is a technology for creating and executing rules for automating and interacting with different systems (website, CRM, SMS, Telegram, Viber, e-mail) using phone events (incoming call, subscriber out of range or disconnected, subscriber talking, interaction with the telephone voice menu, etc.).

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In telephony, there are a significant number of so-called “events”: a call was received, someone answered the call, the call was redirected, the call ended, and much more. The telephony event constructor performs certain actions for certain events in telephony.

The telephone-event constructor allows:

Send a message through the messaging service.

Sends a message to the subscriber in Viber or SMS to the specified phone number. Sending such messages is carried out at the expense of third-party services that have ready-made integration with UniTalk.

Send a message to Telegram.

Sends a message to the specified Telegram accounts on a specific event. For example: sending a notification to your Telegram about a new order or customer request.

Send Webhook.

Webhook is a method of exchanging information between different systems using custom HTTP callbacks. This mechanism allows you to notify about various events: add a new user, send messages, change settings, actions in the interactive voice menu-IVR, and much more.

Phone event constructor

Perform actions in the CRM system.

On a certain event, the system performs an action in your CRM system. For example: when a client makes a phone call, his contact is automatically added to your CRM and a lead is created. What exactly needs to be done in CRM depends on the integration settings with it.

Add the caller’s number to the automatic dialing.

Add the subscriber’s phone number to the list of automatic dialing you have selected for a specific event.

The phone event constructor is used:

  • in auto dialer
  • in predictive dialer
  • in the interactive voice menu – IVR

The telephone-event constructor is included in the UniTalk virtual PBX functionality.
There is no additional charge.

Phone event constructor.
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