The UniTalk team consists of specialists with extensive experience in marketing, IT development, sales, and management. As Reed Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, says, “It doesn’t matter how brilliant your mind or strategy is – if you play alone, you will always lose to those who play in a team.” We are confident in our victory and are focused on achieving our goals! We are a team!

Employee reviews

Ivan Skorokhod
Support specialist L1
Customer support department
I have been working at UniTalk since the beginning of 2021. Before choosing a job, I was looking for opportunities to improve my professional skills and gain more practical experience when working with networks and operating systems.
The first working day I remember very much with a comfortable workplace, modern and powerful equipment, which is the key to technical work.
The absence of strict rules and strict restrictions inspires and gives comfort in work even more. The UniTalk office works almost like a Google or Facebook office.
He repeatedly recommended employment to his friends and acquaintances.
The company has very friendly staff. You can always count on the help of colleagues and immediate supervisors.


Natalia Demina
Customer support department manager
I tried to find a job where you go without worries and worries, with a good and friendly team, a beautiful and comfortable office, interesting tasks, and the opportunity to develop.
My friends recommended UniTalk. At that time, they already worked in the company and told me about it in detail and exclusively from the positive side.
The decision was not long in coming, and in 2020 I started working at UniTalk. Comfortable working conditions, a wonderful team, and respect for employees – are all that is needed for a happy employee.
UniTalk follows the path of constant development, setting new goals and objectives – this is what gives drive to work and personal professional development.

Ilya Parkhomenko
Team Lead of the Customer Support Department
I have extensive experience in various telecommunications companies. There is something to compare and what to pay attention to. I have been working at UniTalk since the beginning of this project.
On the first day, I started working, I was impressed by the high level of competence of the company’s employees, who, as it turned out later, were the founders of UniTalk. In this company, I was able to realize myself as a specialist and be useful to customers of the service. Maximum loyalty and human attitude towards employees. Professional satisfaction in helping and benefiting clients, thanks to the effective use of functionality for the development of clients’ business. The company is developing rapidly, the staff is constantly expanding. Thanks to my recommendations, new employees come who are happy to stay here to work. The UniTalk team is my second family.