The UniTalk API (application programming interface) is a means of integrating UniTalk software with other systems.
For example integration of UniTalk IP telephony with ZohoCRM, odoo, CRM KeyCRM, retailCRM, LEADVERTEX; Google Analytics, and many others.
The UniTalk API has the widest functionality on the market, and the build architecture ensures stable and high-speed operation.


UniTalk values ​​each client by creating favorable and comfortable conditions for using its services. Anyone who is not yet a UniTalk client is given a choice: to familiarize themselves with the user’s personal account and the technical solutions that are presented there, or order a personal demonstration by our manager, who will tell and demonstrate all the technical capabilities of UniTalk that interest you.


UniTalk Academy is an educational platform with training courses on the operation and implementation of IP telephony and other services to improve efficiency and develop any type of business. The training courses are developed by UniTalk specialists who have many years of practical experience in the field of IP telephony, IT, marketing, and sales.

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