Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the Service Customer and UniTalk.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Rules), you confirm that you are familiar with the text and agree to comply with all the terms of these Rules.

  • 1. Definition:

UniTalk – means a company providing telecommunications services through a resource located at unitalk.cloud

Company UniTalk (U.niTalk OU) reg. nr. 16491218, registration address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tuukri tn 19-315,10120.

Customer – natural or legal person registered on the site unitalk.cloud, and uses the services of the company UniTalk.

Accept – full and unconditional consent of the Customer to comply with these Terms and Conditions and Rules.

Websiteunitalk.cloud – web page set of resourceunitalk.cloud and my.unitalk.cloud (Resource).

Virtual automatic telephone station (software) or VATS (software product) – the main service provided by the contractor (also equated to a broader concept – IP telephony) – a software product, which provides additional opportunities for telephony on the Internet.

Cost of services (service package, tariff) – payment, the amount of which is established by the Contractor, for the provision of a certain amount of services to the Customer.

Account – a set of information about the Customer, which is provided to them.

Personal Area – this is a set of account credentials and services, stylized into a special interface on the resource unitalk.cloud.

Request – customer’s appeal to the Company UniTalk according to the terms of use of the Company’s software products UniTalk or the procedure for making payment for services rendered.

CRM-system (Customer Relationship Management) – is an application software designed to automate strategies for interacting with customers (clients), in particular, to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing information about customers and history of relationships with them, establishing and improving business processes and subsequent analysis results.

Utm-tags – this is a tool that helps to transfer additional parameters about the traffic source to the analytics system. This allows the advertiser to segment users by specific type and behavior, as well as analyze the end goal of the sale.

“Automated Settlement System” (ASS) (or billing system) of the unitalk.cloud resource – an automated system for accounting for the services provided, their tariffing and invoicing for payment (hereinafter referred to as the billing system).

Telephony gateway – gateway equipment designed to transmit voice traffic between networks of different types, for example, between a CDMA or GSM mobile network and a data network.

FDDS (fraud detection system) – a system of measures to prevent the actions of fraudsters through the resource unitalk.cloud.

  • 2. Services provided by the UniTalk company.

As part of the unitalk.cloud resource UniTalk company provides the following services :

Digital PBX (IP-PBX) – automatic telephone exchange (PBX) based on the operator-level IP network protocol or for small organizations. Like a regular PBX, an IP-PBX is designed to perform the same functions of a central telephone communication node in a locality or region or an internal network of an organization or institution. The functioning of the software package is based on protocols that provide voice over networks based on IP protocol (VOIP) and, thanks to this, this PBX can work with almost any equipment for IP telephony using standard protocols for VOIP.

The software package used does not require additional hardware to implement voice over IP networks (VOIP). You can use a single (or multiple) VOIP providers for incoming and/or outgoing calls (incoming and outgoing calls may be handled by different ISPs and/or telephony providers).

Used software package makes it possible to work in real time both with the public telephone network (TMZK – PSTN English), and with VOIP networks.

Using IP-PBX provides the following features:

  • connect your employees working from home to the office PBX via broadband communication channels;
  • connect offices, regardless of their distance, via VOIP, the Internet or via a private IP network;
  • allows employees on a business trip to access the PBX by connecting using VPN from a hotel or airports where there are wireless WLAN access points;
  • music-on-hold for callers waiting in the call queue, both streaming and MP3 music playback are supported;
  • call queues, where agents collectively answer incoming calls and scan those queues.

Call-tracking – a method of accounting for offline conversions in Internet marketing. It is a technology that enables the pay-per-call advertising business model by allowing the number of incoming calls to be linked to the effectiveness of the advertising channel, as well as providing additional information about phone calls. Measuring the conversion of advertising into calls is similar to measuring online conversions (contacts through the website, order form, email, etc.). Thus, the call tracking technology is similar to web analytics systems, with the difference that it takes into account not only clicks, but calls.

Call tracking tasks include evaluating the effectiveness of advertising channels, monitoring the work of the call center (sound recording analysis, monitoring the number of missed calls), calculating ROI, measuring customer acquisition costs among any advertising media, and optimizing the marketing budget towards more effective media channels. . Using this technology, it is possible to record such data as the phone number from which (and to which) the call was made, the result of the call (accepted or missed), the duration of the conversation, the sound recording of the conversation, the caller and through which advertising channel. Based on the database, you can generate reports on the total number of calls, the number of calls per advertising channel / track traffic sources, as well as the number of unique and repeated calls and calls per advertising channel by day, accurate to the advertising element, which is assigned to a replace phone number.

Providing program code for integration with a web resource.

For the correct operation of the Call-tracking service, a necessary requirement is the placement on the client’s web resource of a part of the program code that will communicate with our servers and perform the following actions:

  • determine the source of traffic using UTM-tags;
  • maintain call records (CDR) for integration with billing systems;
  • display a unique phone number on the web resource;
  • determine IP-address users of the resource;
  • determine the user’s Google ID.

Provision of software to the Customer for integration with the customer management system. To improve the quality of customer service, it is necessary to transfer data and statistics to the Customer, including in automatic mode. For these purposes, software is provided in the form of a module compatible with popular CRMs.

Phone number rental (single-channel or multi-channel) – (incoming and outgoing) this is the property of multi-channel to simultaneously receive and make several calls from one phone number. Thanks to this, the user of the service can be reached according to the configured scenarios, incoming and outgoing calls, record a conversation with clients, set up automatic redial for missed calls (for example, the call was at night or on a weekend).

Internal SIP line – this personalized telephone line has the assigned personal data of a company employee, for example, full name and internal phone number. Lines can be combined into groups, they are also – into departments.

External number service – this is a slot rental, which will use an external line for telephony (second definition: a service that allows the use of one gsm number for telephony).

Phone number rental (only incoming line) is a property of multichannel to simultaneously receive several calls from one telephone number. Thanks to this, the Customer can be reached according to the configured scenarios for incoming and outgoing calls, record a conversation with clients, set up automatic redial to missed calls through outgoing lines. This service is only available in Ukraine.

Callback button «Click to call» Pro and «Click to call» Premium – an element in the version of the Customer’s site that allows users to leave their contact number on the site and receive a call from the supplier (seller) (there is a function to add the desired time for a callback).

Tracking number service – this is a slot lease that will use an outside line for dynamic call-tracking (second definition: a service that allows one gsm number to be used for dynamic call-tracking).

Renting a SIP operator number – renting a phone number without a physical sim-card.

Number in static call tracking – slot rental, a service similar to servicing an external number, with the only difference that specific (or own) numbers are used. This is the binding of one phone number to one advertising source. (Second definition: This is a service that allows one gsm number to be used for static CallTracking).

Subscriber support service – assistance to Subscribers when using the Resource.

Phone Support Service – additional service support for customer service.

  • 3. Procedure and rules for the provision of UniTalk services

Company UniTalk provides services after the Customer:

  • accepts valid Terms & Conditions and Data protection declaration.
  • register on the site unitalk.cloud.
  • select a package of services in your personal account unitalk.cloud.
  • pay for services in full.

The Customer represents and warrants that its computer and telephone equipment meets the technical requirements for the use of the UniTalk software product.

In the event that the Customer’s equipment does not meet the technical parameters (packet transmission delay – no more than 40 ms, irregularity in delay changes (jitter) – no more than 10 ms, packet loss – no more than 0.5%), the company UniTalk is not responsible for non-provision/improper provision of services.

The Customer represents and warrants that it has and will have all the necessary permissions and licenses necessary for the use of the UniTalk software product.

The customer represents and warrants that the company’s resource UniTalk will not be used by it for illegal purposes, in particular – illegal gambling, fraud, etc.

The Customer represents and warrants that it will not use the Company’s Resource UniTalk to send unsolicited messages (spam) to subscribers without their consent.

The Customer represents and warrants that the Company Resource UniTalk will not be used by him for any unlawful purpose, including the transmission or offer of any information or services that are illegal, offensive, harmful, threatening, slanderous.

The Customer assures and guarantees that in the process of using the Resource of company UniTalk it will not infringe copyrights, intellectual property rights, trademark rights.

The customer represents and warrants that it will not use the resource of company UniTalk to send pornographic or other illegal material.

The Customer is fully responsible for any potential copyright infringement associated with any content that is stored and used by him as part of the services provided by UniTalk.

The customer is obliged to protect the company UniTalk from any fines, claims, administrative penalties that will be applied to the company in case of violation by the Customer of the law in the process of using the Resource of theUniTalk company .

The customer undertakes to reimburse all costs and losses arising from all claims against the company UniTalk and which are the result of the violation by the Customer of the law in the process of using the Resource of the UniTalk company.

Customer, after registering on the site unitalk.cloud, is fully responsible for the correctness and correctness of the information provided by him during the registration.

Customer, after registering on the site unitalk.cloud, is fully responsible for maintaining the password and other identification data, necessary for registration and unhindered entry into your personal account.

Customer, after registering on the site unitalk.cloud, is fully responsibe for all actions occurring in his personal account.

Customer, after registering on the site unitalk.cloud, undertakes to verify his telephone number through telephone identification.

Company UniTalk has the right to refuse registration to the Customer in the following cases:

  • the customer has not been identified (provided incomplete or incorrect data);
  • the customer has not confirmed his consent to the processing of personal data;
  • if the UniTalk Company has there are doubts about the reliability of the information provided by the Customer;
  • if the UniTalk Company has reasonable doubts that the Customer is an adult;
  • if the UniTalk Company has information about the commission of fraudulent activities by the Customer;
  • if the UniTalk Company there are reasonable doubts about the Customer’s ability to comply with these terms and conditions.

The customer must immediately notify the company UniTalk in case of unauthorized use of his account or any other breach of security. In no case company UniTalk is not responsible for any unauthorized use of the Customer’s account.

The customer agrees that the company UniTalk has the right to listen and analyze the Customer’s conversations to check the quality of communication.

In turn,UniTalk company guarantees the confidentiality of the information received and the preservation of commercial secrets in the process of providing telecommunications services.

Confidentiality and Preservation of trade secrets are governed by the Declaration on the protection of personal data (links), the acceptance of which is an absolute prerequisite for the acceptance of these Rules.

The customer confirms his consent to electronic communication with the UniTalk company during registration on the site unitalk.cloud, purchasing UniTalk products and using the resource.

The customer acknowledges that providing him with the opportunity to use the services of the company UniTalk by renting a number is not a transfer of property or a sale of numbering rights by the company UniTalk, and there is only the right to use the resource. The customer is not entitled to claim any property rights to such numbers.

UniTalk Company may periodically perform routine maintenance to check the quality of the Resource.UniTalk Company may perform scheduled or emergency maintenance of the Resource. At the time of routine maintenance, the services of the resource may be temporarily unavailable.

UniTalk Company undertakes to notify the Customer in advance of the planned technical or routine maintenance.

UniTalk Company has the right to change the Resource’s network, system configurations or routing configurations, change any hardware or software in the network or equipment used to provide the Resource’s services.

UniTalk Companydoes not and will not be liable for partial or total non-compliance with the terms of these Rules in the event of force majeure circumstances excluding the provision of services. Force majeure circumstances should be understood as circumstances that exclude the fulfillment of the conditions of these Rules due to force majeure (fire, flood, earthquake, natural disaster, military operations, actions of authorities).

UniTalk Company does not and will not be responsible for the impossibility of providing services to the Customer due to weather conditions, power outages and failures in the operation of Internet providers.

UniTalk Company does not provide emergency calling services or access to any 112, 911 or similar emergency services.

  • 4. Payment order.

The system of payment for the provided local and/or mobile telephony services is determined by UniTalk in accordance with the services provided under the conditions of telecommunication operators according to their tariffs.

The Customer undertakes to timely and in full pay for the services of UniTalk to prevent disconnection.

For the time during which the Services were not provided due to the fault of the Customer, the subscription fee is charged in full.

UniTalk collects funds for the services provided to the Customer within the tariff packages chosen by the Customer and outside the tariff packages, if any, were provided to the Customer.

The customer has the opportunity to receive a credit for payment subject to compliance with these Rules.

The customer has the right to use the services without payment after the fact for package services within 5 calendar days by clicking the button in the personal account “Credit of Trust”.

Payments for the received services are made through payment systems in your personal account or to the bank account specified in the invoice.

When paying for the Services, the Customer indicates the purpose of the payment through payment systems in the personal account.

Accounting for the scope of the provision of the Services and their billing are carried out by the technical means of the UniTalk company (billing system).

Tariffication of calls is made in accordance with the contractual terms of telecommunications operators.

UniTalk is not responsible for changing the tariff plans of telecommunications operators whose services are used by the Customer through the Resource of the UniTalk company.

  • 5. Measures against the use of the services of the UniTalk Company in fraudulent schemes

Data completeness control procedures.

  • 5.1 Data completeness control procedures are designed to make sure that all primary documents are reflected in the accounting or to identify documents that are not reflected in it. There are two options for implementing this procedure:
  • in a computer data processing system;
  • in a paper-based data processing system
  • 5.2 Data completeness control procedures are designed to ensure that all source documents for business transactions are accepted for computer processing or to detect documents that have not been processed.

Initial registration of primary documents on business transactions often involves manual data entry into a computer.

  • 5.3 In a paper-based data processing system, control procedures are developed to ensure that all primary documents for all business transactions are entered in the control document and registered, or that documents are lost or incorrectly registered.

Regardless of the means of information processing operations to detect errors, falsifications associated with the data completeness control procedure can be given:

  • numbering of all economic transactions and their accounting after numbering. Document numbering is an accounting procedure; the verification operation is to ensure that the data for all numbered documents are displayed
  • verification of the processing of all data according to the “checksum” method. In the database of the Resource Subscribers, such an operation can be performed by grouping source documents and checking the number of documents in each group. In a paper processing system, such an operation is performed by summing up the critical documents belonging to each group before and after processing the transaction data. It is considered that the data processing is done correctly if both amounts are the same. If the amounts are not the same, you need to find the errors that caused the disagreement;
  • reconciliation of data from different sources. An example is the coordination according to the number of received powers of attorney and ongoing operations for the sale of goods;
  • determination of the reliability that information on all business transactions was entered into the documents;
  • comparison of input data with indicators specified in other documents.
  • 5.4 Accuracy control procedures.

Accuracy control procedures are necessary to detect errors related to the fact that the data of each business transaction may not be entered in full, not to the appropriate account, out of time. Checking the accuracy of data entry is carried out to ensure that the data is accurately registered and entered into the Resource’s Subscriber database or to identify data that was not entered into the Resource’s Subscriber database.

In the case of accuracy checks, control operations are of great importance, aimed at obtaining reliable data that business transactions are recorded in a timely manner.

Some of the methods used for the data completeness procedure can also be used to control accuracy.

  • 5.5 Procedures for monitoring compliance with the legality of business transactions of the Subscriber with third parties.

The procedure for monitoring compliance with the legality of business transactions allows you to establish the fact (or establish its absence) that the registered data on business transactions really reflect real economic activities. There can be several such control procedures simultaneously used in relation to one Customer/Subscriber.

Control procedures aimed at detecting fictitious transactions should include the distribution of powers for data processing.

By accepting the current Rules, the Customer grants UniTalk Company the right, in the event of the occurrence of risks provided for in section 5 of the current Rules , to listen to the Customer’s telephone conversations to detect/deny the fact of fraud with third parties.

  • 5.6 Fraud prevention system when receiving complaints.
  • The Contractor, after receiving a complaint, independently decides on the application of a system of measures against fraud in relation to the Customer.
  • Complaints received not from the Customer of the Resource may not be considered at all, except as provided by law.
  • 6. Dispute resolution

The Customer is obliged to notify the UniTalkCompany within three calendar days about the inadequate quality of the services received by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address

support@unitalk.cloud or leave a request on the site https://my.unitalk.cloud/new/index.html#support.

The application must meet the following requirements:

  • The customer is obliged to indicate which services were provided poorly;
  • what he considers to be poor-quality services;
  • which paragraph of these Rules, in the opinion of the recipient of services, was violated by the UniTalk Company;
  • what amendments it considers necessary to introduce;
  • provide evidence that this malfunction was not the fault of the recipient of the services or third parties, or provide a reasonable explanation why the recipient of the services believes that this malfunction is the fault of the UniTalk.

UniTalk Company considers this application within 30 days and gives an answer on the consideration of the application and making a decision.

  • 7. Requisites of UniTalk Company:

UniTalk (U.niTalk OU) reg. nr. 16491218, registration address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tuukri tn 19-315,10120