Phone numbers SPAM monitoring

Phone numbers SPAM monitoring

SPAM monitoring of phone numbers is a solution for automatically checking the phone numbers of your business against SPAM databases of popular monitoring systems.

30 %

smartphone owners use Xiaomi anti-SPAM service

460 million

calls/month, blocked by TrueCaller as SPAM

400 million

calls/year, blocked by GetContact as SPAM

24/ 7 /365

monitoring your phone numbers against SPAM databases

SPAM – phone number monitoring allows:

  • identify the facts of ownership of your phone numbers as a source of SPAM (bases: GetContact, TrueCaller, Xiaomi);
  • conduct automatic verification of phone numbers, according to your schedule;
  • to automatically replace the phone number that has been assigned the SPAM status;
  • increase the number of successful calls to customers.

The functionality of SPAM – phnumberbers monitoring:

  • monitoring: one database, several or all available databases (bases: GetContact, TrueCaller, Xiaomi);
  • start monitoring at certain intervals and days of the week;
  • manual launch of a real-time scan for each database separately;
  • activation of monitoring with the required frequency (for example every 20 minutes) is configured for each database separately;
  • date and time of the last activation of monitoring for each database separately;
  • the status of the phone number for each database: the number is clean, has not yet been checked or spam (with a corresponding notification to your Telegram);
  • independent formation of a list of negative words, phrases or parts of words (for example: do not answer the phone, do not buy …);
  • automatic phone number replacement when a tag is found that matches entries in your list of negative words.
    Phone numbers SPAM monitoring


Checking the phone number for SPAM 2 ₴/check

Phone numbers SPAM monitoring
Phone numbers SPAM monitoring.
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