Interactive voice menu – IVR

Interactive voice menu - IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a technology for playing previously recorded voice messages that perform the function of routing (redirecting) calls, collecting statistics, obtaining the necessary information for your customers or performing a number of other actions within the technical capabilities of UniTalk.

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Interactive voice menu – IVR allows:

  • create a multi-level voice menu;
  • provide a choice to redirect the call to the required employee or department;
  • activate the required action scenario;
  • play the desired voice notification.
  • improving the quality of customer service


Implementation examples of the Interactive Voice Menu – IVR:

  • obtaining information about the state of the client’s personal account (for example mobile account);
  • obtaining information about the status of the order (for example delivery services, online stores, etc.);
  • automatic re-order confirmation (for example water delivery re-order, consumables re-order);
  • automatic redirection to the assigned manager or department (for example: redirecting a call to the accounting department, sales, or marketing department).

An example of confirming registration on the site using a phone call:

In English

In Ukrainian

In Polish

In Russian

An example of automatic redirection to the required department:

In english

In ukrainian

In polish

In russian

Benefits of Interactive Voice Menu – IVR:

  • improving the quality of customer service (customers receive the necessary information 24/7);
  • increasing the efficiency of processing incoming calls (accepting requests and orders 24/7);
  • automating business processes and minimizing costs (the system performs part of the functions of a secretary or manager without their participation);
  • improving the company’s image (demonstrating the use of modern technologies);
  • increasing customer loyalty (address and availability at a convenient time for customers).


It is possible to create any number of single and multi-level IVR. Voice accompaniment can be recorded by the announcer or using speech synthesis.

Interactive voice menu – IVR
you can integrate via API or use ready-made integration:

Interactive voice menu – IVR is included in the functionality of UniTalk virtual PBX.
There is no additional charge.

Interactive voice menu – IVR.

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