SMS broadcasts

SMS broadcasts

Reliable message delivery for businesses around the world.

SMS (Short Message Service) is a service for sending a large number of text messages to mobile devices of cellular network users. SMS distribution is carried out for commercial purposes (marketing promotions, advertising, PR, drawings and quizzes) and non-commercial purposes (news for subscribers, information notifications, organization of events, two-factor authentication, etc.).


communication technologies

< 100

sent sms per second


seconds to deliver messages

50 million +

SMS messages per month

Virtual PBX UniTalk has ready-made integrations with SMS messaging services:

Postings are used:

  • when working with the telephone-event constructor and interactive voice menu – IVR (send SMS or Viber messages);
  • to automatically notify your customers or employees;
  • to duplicate information about the order of goods or services, which was made by phone or on-line;
  • to inform about the status of the balance on the personal account and the need to replenish it;
  • to send personal messages to your customers.

The functionality of mailing lists of UniTalk Virtual PBX:

  • sorting all sent or not sent messages;
  • selection of messages for the required period of time;
  • channel selection: SMS, Viber, SMS+Viber;
  • displaying the message history of each of your employees separately;
  • search for a message by part of the text or phone number;
  • sending a message by your employee directly to the “Call History”.


Which Virtual PBX service package does support SMS and Viber broadcasts?

Access to SMS and Viber mailings is available in all Virtual PBX service packages without restrictions.

What’s the price?

We do not charge for this functionality. You pay only for the services of the messaging service, according to their current tariffs.

How can I register an Alpha name?

The alpha name is registered with the messaging service you have chosen. Usually, the Alpha name is your trademark, company name, domain name, etc. The term for registering an Alpha name depends on the service provider.

SMS broadcasts.
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