Why it’s important to keep track of the numbers

Publication date: 4.06.2022

Many companies have been using the same phone numbers for years, taking incoming calls to these numbers, and making outgoing calls to new customers with it. And it would seem that everything is in order, the older the number, the better and more reliable. But… it’s not like that.

If your sales department has at least some intense flow of outgoing calls (even callbacks on requests), over time it starts to fall into various spam databases. These are bases of “malicious spammers” of mobile applications (for example, Getcontact, Truecaller), online spam bases of various sites.


Some phone manufacturers (eg Xiaomi) embed a spam filter directly into the default calling app. And if the call comes from a number that was complained about, the number is highlighted in red as unwanted.

If the flow of outgoing calls from the number is very large, the number may fall into the bases of “spammers” of telecom operators. In this case, dialing to certain numbers may be blocked.

Why it's important to keep track of the numbers

In total, depending on the specifics of the business, for heavily “spamed” numbers, the percentage of dialing to subscribers can fall by 18-20%. And for many companies and call centers, this becomes a critically unpleasant figure, because the efficiency of the entire call center, in such cases, decreases by a similar percentage.


How to monitor the status of your number:

  1. Install the Getcontact and Truecaller app. Perform a search by your number, make sure that there are no negative tags opposite the number and it does not appear in the spam database.
  2. Try to call from your number to the owner of the Xiaomi phone. If the number is highlighted in red, it is better to change it.
  3. If you make a lot of outgoing calls, it is better to separate the numbers for incoming and outgoing calls so that the latter can be changed at any time.
  4. It is desirable to control the average percentage of the ratio of successfully completed calls to the total number of calls. And if he fell, urgently find out the reasons for this phenomenon.


If you find out that your numbers are marked as “spam”, it is better to change them immediately. Because in most cases, this means a permanent loss of company profit from a decrease in the percentage of dialing to your customers.

Contact your manager and he will help you quickly and almost free of charge to change any number to a new one.

For those customers whose number change problem is raised regularly, we have made a solution that allows you to automatically change the number once in any selected time range (from an hour to several months).



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