Adding a site and installing a UniTalk script

Publication date: 31.05.2022


Creating a script for the site in the UniTalk account.

1. Go to the “Sites” section of the UniTalk account and click “Add site”.



2. Specify a link to your site and click “Create”.



3. Done, the script has been created.



The UniTalk script is common for Click to call (a button for ordering a call from the site) and Call tracking.


Installing the script in the site code.

You can use the script submission form along with installation instructions.



To do this, specify the mail of the site developer, you can write a comment, for example, “Anton, please install this script on the site” or something similar, if necessary.



You can also install it on the site yourself through the site code or Google Tag Manager.

For self-installation, copy the script and paste it on all pages of the site between the and tags . If you do not know how to do this, contact the site developer for help.


The site and the script for it created by you in the UniTalk account are unique and you need to install the script in the code of the site for which it was created. In some cases, for a specific purpose, you still need to install the same script in the codes of several different sites, in this case, keep in mind that Call Tracking and the call order button will work the same on all sites where you put the script. In order for each site to have its own unique Call Tracking and call order button, you need to install unique scripts for each site.