Connecting and configuring integration with RemOnline

Publication date: 16.02.2023

RemOnline is a multifunctional Ukrainian CRM system designed for sales and services.

  1. To set up the integration of UniTalk IP telephony with the RemOnline CRM system, go to link and in the “Settings” section copy your API key.api-ro
  2. Next, in your UniTalk account, go to linkin the “Integration” section, find the “RemOnline ApiKey” field and paste the copied API key. Click the Connect button.integr-ro-yutpidklyuchyty-yut
  3. Check the “Enable integration” box. Select one of the following options: “Contacts and orders” or “Contacts and requests”.uvimknuty-stvoryty-yut
  4. In the General settings section, select the desired location.lokacziya-yut
  5. In the “Options for creating requests” or “Options for creating orders” section, set the status and type of requests or orders, respectively.parametry-zvernennya-yut
  6. parametry-zamovlennya-yut
  7. In the “Default responsible” section, you can specify the details of the responsible manager for missed calls. You can assign one or more managers. You can assign one or more managers. If you do not need to do so, you can leave the Default responsible field blank.vidpovidalnyj-yut
  8. In the Extension numbers section, enter the telephone extensions of your employees. This will allow you to transfer calls to the responsible manager. Click the “Save” button.vnutrishni-nomery-zberegty-yutCongratulations! The integration setup is complete. When an incoming call is made in UniTalk, a client, request, or order is automatically created in RemOne.