Possibilities of integrating UniTalk with SalesDrive

Publication date: 07.06.2022

SalesDrive is a CRM sales management system that can be customized for a ready-made business. There are integrations with various online stores, telephony, SMS, email, delivery systems.


Integration of UniTalk IP-telephony with CRM SalesDrive is completely free. You can find the integration settings in your SalesDrive account on the “General settings and integrations” page in the “Telephony” tab.

Possibilities of integrating UniTalk with SalesDrive

Choose the UniTalk integration. You will see detailed instructions for setting up the integration. In the UniTalk office, the configured integration will look like the picture below.

In the UniTalk account, it is enough to configure the API: create an API key in UniTalk and add a new event handler.
To create it, go to the Event Handler page ( and click “Add”.
Next, you need to fill in the webhook data, namely:

  1. name – any name of the event handler, it is stored only in the Unitalk personal account and is used for convenient management of event handlers;
  2. URL – the address to which the request is sent, here you need to add the link provided by the Salesdrive system;
  3. HTTP method – leave POST;
  4. Request body – standard JSON is a template that is generated automatically by our system.

Other parameters should be left as default and save the event handler.

After saving, you need to go to the “Integrations” – “API” tab and add an event handler for each call event. This is done by clicking the “+” icon and then selecting the previously created event handler. After adding, the page should be saved.

Possibilities of integrating UniTalk with SalesDrive
Possibilities of integrating UniTalk with SalesDrive

Possibilities of integrating UniTalk with SalesDrive

That is, for incoming and outgoing calls, the UniTalk IP telephony system will send webhooks to CRM SalesDrive. You can see all calls in the Calls section of your SalesDrive account. Don’t forget to set up internal lines for SalesDrive account managers, call notifications and other telephony options.


In order to make outgoing calls from the SalesDrive account, you need to set the “Calls from the CRM system” options to “IP phone (integration with UniTalk)”.

Possibilities of integrating UniTalk with SalesDrive

Integration of UniTalk with SalesDrive gives you a number of possibilities.

Call history and conversation recording.

In the SalesDrive account, you can see the call history and listen to audio recordings of conversations. It is possible to filter calls by any parameters.


Corporate number for SalesDrive users.

On the telephony settings page, you can assign internal lines from the UniTalk IP telephony system to managers.


Creating a request for incoming calls.

With an incoming call, it is possible to create a request directly in the pop-up window.


Distribution of applications by status of the sales funnel.

You have the ability to change the status of the application, as well as generate a report on the status of the sales funnel for all managers or for specific managers.


Saving conversion data on a call and analyzing the effectiveness of your advertising.

During click to call and call tracking calls, utm tags and other data about the source of the call are transferred to CRM SalesDrive.



Outgoing call in one click.

You can make outgoing calls directly from your SalesDrive account. To do this, on the page of applications, contacts or calls, click on the client’s phone number.


Widget that is displayed when making a call.

In the SalesDrive account, you can configure the display of call notifications. When making calls, you will see a widget in the lower right corner of the screen with information about the call.

Possibilities of integrating UniTalk with SalesDrive

Creation of various reports.

In the SalesDrive account, you have the ability to create reports by managers, by months, by calls, by sales funnel, by advertising campaigns and other types of reports.

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