UniTalk Update: Queue with voice guidance

Publication date: 01.06.2022

Today we have updated the functionality of incoming scripts – we have added queue with voice guidance. This functionality allows you to configure the voice queues of calls in more detail.



Now the client can be notified about the position in the queue, notify about the estimated time until the operator’s response.



It is also possible to set up a special action when the client presses the “1” button: you can enable the callback function and add event handling actions. You can add the following actions: sending messages to Telegram, adding numbers to call, actions in CRM systems, sending webhooks, sending a message through the messaging service.



In addition, you can enable a webhook to manage the queue. You have the ability to control the priority of clients that queue up calls using the UniTalk API, which works like a webhook. You can use a webhook response to set a client priority from 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest priority. By default, UniTalk specifies priority 5 for everyone.