How to set up free calls between employees

Publication date: 03.06.2022

This is the most favorite article of our users because who doesn’t love free services?!


To begin with, I want to clarify – have you already registered and created a telephony project? If yes, then read on, if not, then you need to start reading from the article “How to register on the UniTalk website“.


1. The first thing you need to get the possibility of free (!) Calls is a stable Internet for employees who need to be connected by telephony. And, no, mobile internet is not suitable. Not only because not everywhere there is a reliable reception of your mobile operator, but mainly because the cellular technology itself has huge ping jumps while the subscriber moves between the towers of the mobile operator.


And ping or otherwise access time is the most important criterion for IP telephony.

Therefore, by stable Internet, we mean the good old wired Internet or a good Wi-Fi connection.


2. The second thing you should not forget is a headset (headphones with a microphone) for talking through a softphone program.


But perhaps you are a happy owner of IP phones, then for you the article ends with the words “read the instructions for setting up your IP phone model, and if there is no such instruction, contact our technical support”.


3. So, if you do not have an IP phone, then you need to download one of the many free (!) programs for calling via IP telephony, such as Microsip or Zoiper. Setup instructions are located in the relevant sections of our website.


4. In any case, no matter what you connect, you will need to go to the “Users” menu section of the Personal Account on the UniTalk website.

How to set up free calls between employees

And add as many SIP lines as you have employees. In other words, you create personal extension numbers for employees. By dialing the corresponding 4 digits, you can talk to your employee wherever he is geographically located. Yep, even overseas! But do not forget about a stable Internet!)

5. By expanding the settings of the corresponding SIP line, you get access to the parameters of the sip line – login, password and server address. You will need to make these parameters in the settings of the program for calls.


In no case do not configure the same SIP line on different programs – this threatens to lose calls or even telephony failure

How to set up free calls between employees


6. So, if you set everything up correctly, then in the end you should get the following approximate scheme:


Employee No. 1 has the Microsip program on the computer, on which the login and password of the sip line 2081 were registered (for example),


And employee No. 2 has the Microsip (or other) program on the computer, on which the sip line 2082 is registered.


Now employee No.1 can safely dial only 4 digits of the number of the second employee in the program and enjoy a Free(!) conversation with employee No.2.

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