What you need to provide to connect your SIP number

Publication date: 04.06.2022

Most telecom operators provide SIP-numbers, also called virtual, with the connection type “by login password”. In this case, the carrier of the number is the parameters of the number, namely, the login, password, server address and port, but if it is standard – 5060, then it is usually not indicated.


This is how the parameters of the number with the connection type “by login password” look like:screenshot_1-5


The lifecell number parameters are taken as an example.


Lifecell numbers have a non-standard port 5061, in general, this is a rarity in the Ukrainian market, but the connected numbers start working after the configuration update, which occurs once a day, so it is important to clarify all important information on the number with the telecom operator before connecting the number.

When the number connects to the UniTalk server, the status of the number will be Online, but this is another 100% confirmation that the number is fully functional, it is always better to check the number for incoming and outgoing calls.

Rarely, but there are numbers with the type of connection “via IP”, which means that the login and password are not needed, the server address and port are enough.


This is how the parameters of the number with the connection type “by IP” look like:



The parameters of the maxnet number are taken as an example.


Numbers with the “via IP” connection type, in addition to the absence of a login and password, have the peculiarity that their status is always displayed as “Connection status unknown”, and not Online, like the numbers with the “login password” connection type.

This status does not mean that numbers with an IP connection type are, for some reason, worse than numbers with a login password connection, but on the contrary, an IP connection is more reliable and secure.


This is achieved due to the fact that:

  • no one will be able to access the number as it will only work on one server;
  • the absence of a login and password eliminates the possibility of hacking or theft;
  • does not require regular confirmation of number connection. Due to this, the number starts working immediately after filling in the server address and port, and not once a day.

On your part, to connect the number you need:

  • contact the telecom operator and inform that you will connect the number to the virtual PBX;
  • request the parameters of the number, according to them it will already be clear what type of connection. For many telecom operators, the number parameters can be copied in your personal account;
  • submit this data to UniTalk support. You can also connect the number yourself through your UniTalk personal account in the IP telephony – External lines section by clicking the Add personal number button.

Unfortunately, we cannot do this for you, since the telecom operator does not disclose data on its numbers to third parties and transferring access to the personal account of the telecom operator is very bad from a security point of view.


In case there is a request for the parameters of the number not by call, but by text, I will write a template for the text of such an appeal.

“I plan to connect my number +380********* to a virtual PBX. Tell me how can I get its parameters or create an IP connection to the virtual PBX server ?. Virtual PBX – UniTalk, server address”.