Why the Grandstream GXP 1610 IP phone does not ring

Publication date: 9.06.2022

First, let’s check the network status of the phone and the account on it:

  • In the phone menu, find its network address 192.168.. (for example,


  • Enter this address into the address bar of your browser (let’s do this using the Grandstream IP phone as an example) and if the phone is online and there are no connection problems, we will see an authorization window:
  • Often, the login\password is standard – admin\admin, if it doesn’t fit, then you should contact your system administrator.
  • Now let’s check the status of the account, it should look like this:




In case of errors with the account, we will see something similar:

  • The next step is to check the SIP account settings in the General settings and Basic settings tabs:


The default account setup looks like this:



Fill in the Local SIP Port field with any value, starting from 5062 (and if there are several phones, then set a different port for each)

Also, in the Session Timer tab, turn off the timer itself:


  • After that, the phone can be rebooted, and in 90% of cases everything will work properly. In the remaining 10%, we still recommend contacting technical support.