Department. Create a group of employees

Publication date: 30.05.2022

Department сreation.

Let’s create a group of employees with whom it will be necessary to connect clients when they pick up the phone.

Go to the UniTalk account section – IP Telephony – Departments.


1. Click the “Add group” button;




2. Specify the name of the group. The name has no technical meaning, it is necessary to understand which employees’ lines are in which groups;

Examples of names: “Department No. 1”, “Alena’s Team”, “Operators 3rd floor”, “Interns”, “HARD department”.


3. The default will be “Internal line group (SIP)”, just don’t change it;

4. Enter a shortcut number. This is not mandatory, but it makes it possible to dial this number on any SIP line and call all the lines of this group at the same time;

5. Click “Select line” and select a line from the list of available lines.



6. In the ones that appear, select the lines of all employees on which dialing calls should be received;

7. Save the department.


Done, the department is created.