Possibilities of integrating UniTalk and Creatio

Publication date: 8.06.2022

Creatio – it’s a SaaS solution. Creatio combines the capabilities of a customer relationship management (CRM) system and a business process management (BPM) system.



Integration of UniTalk IP telephony with Creatio is absolutely free. With the help of integration, you can track all customer calls, save them as leads or contacts and orders. You can also call the client directly from the Creatio account.

Integration of UniTalk with Creatio opens up a number of possibilities for you.


Call history and call recording

The Activity section stores the entire history of calls transferred to Creatio. You can see the date and time of the start and end of the call, comment on the call, and download the audio recording of the conversation by clicking on the link.

Detailed information about the call.



Corporate number for Creatio user

Each Creatio user can be assigned an internal line or GSM number. When calls are received, activities, leads, contacts, orders will be created with the responsible employee who answered the call. At the same time, outgoing calls in 1 click can be made only if the user is assigned a UniTalk internal line.


Automatic creation of lead or contact and order cards for incoming and outgoing calls

You can set up automatic creation of leads or contacts and orders. Usually, customer cards are created only for incoming calls, but you can, if necessary, enable the creation of cards for outgoing calls as well.

An example of a contact card that was created automatically when making a call.


An example of an order card that was automatically created when calling.


Save call conversion data

During click to call and call tracking calls, UniTalk IP telephony can send analytics data to Creatio in the form of a comment in the activity. UTM-tags, referrer, Google Client ID, Facebook Client ID, IP-address, website address are transmitted.



Setting responsible employees for missed calls

You can set up employees responsible for missed calls for each day of the week. If no one is selected, then the owner of the Creatio account will be responsible for the missed calls.


Transferring an incoming call to a responsible employee

With incoming calls, you can set up velcro, that is, transferring the call to the responsible employee. To do this, it is necessary that a Creatio performer is linked to the contact or lead card.

It is also necessary to configure in the incoming script the redirection of the call to the responsible manager in the CRM system.


Outgoing call in one click

You can make outgoing calls in 1 click directly from your Creatio account. To do this, simply click on the client’s phone number or on the call icon next to the number. To make an outgoing call in one click, it is necessary to assign a UniTalk internal line to the user.


Widget that is displayed during a call

On incoming calls, users who receive a call are shown the UniTalk widget. From it, you can quickly go to the contact, order or lead card.


Displaying the contact name for incoming calls on the SIP client

For incoming calls, the SIP client will display the name of an existing contact from the Creatio account. To do this, in the “Users” menu item for the UniTalk extension line, enable the “Name” option.