Integration possibilities of UniTalk IP telephony with Uspacy

Publication date: 19.05.2023

A modern CRM system is no longer just a place for storing and organizing contacts; it has become a way to organize internal business processes, a tool to enhance the efficiency of every team member, and an integration platform with various services to improve business efficiency and much more. And when it comes to a quality Ukrainian product, working with such a CRM means supporting Ukraine. All of this applies to the new Uspacy CRM system, which is a full-fledged platform for internal communications and team collaboration for companies of any scale.

Uspacy enables managing key business processes within a unified workspace, as it brings together all the necessary tools for interaction and communication among employees, workflow management, and CRM. Uspacy helps streamline work tasks for every team member, from sales managers and HR specialists to department heads and small to medium-sized business owners.

To ensure a smooth transition, Uspacy provides easy and secure data migration from any other CRM system, including Bitrix24, AmoCRM, and others. You can select the data for transfer yourself and monitor the process. With just two clicks, all the necessary information from sections such as “Leads,” “Contacts,” “Companies,” “Deals,” “Tasks,” the entire timeline of these entities including files and documents, as well as “Tasks,” “Groups,” “News Feed,” “Company Structure,” and “Employees” will be transferred to the Uspacy service.

One of the significant advantages of Uspacy is its integration with other systems and services through modern technological approaches and open APIs. This significantly expands the capabilities of the CRM. Moreover, it is convenient because after integration, partner services become part of the Uspacy interface.

The integration of Uspacy with UniTalk IP telephony can greatly enhance the efficiency of any business, as UniTalk streamlines and automates communication processes with clients, ensuring a high level of customer service.

Uspacy offers a free built-in UniTalk application, and setting up the integration allows you to make calls to clients, receive calls, and transfer all the relevant information from the UniTalk system to Uspacy. As soon as data about a new call arrives in UniTalk, it is immediately transmitted to the CRM. This applies to both successful and missed calls.

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Integration possibilities of UniTalk IP telephony with Uspacy

After processing successful incoming and outgoing calls, leads will be created in the CRM, which users can later merge into contacts, deals, or companies. Missed calls from known numbers will be recorded as “Tasks” in the respective contact or company card.

Integration possibilities of UniTalk IP telephony with Uspacy

The UniTalk application is already available for integration on the Uspacy marketplace.

Integration possibilities of UniTalk IP telephony with Uspacy

Thanks for providing additional information! With the special Google Chrome extension, users can make outbound calls and receive incoming calls on any browser page. For a step-by-step guide on setting up the integration and the special extension, please refer to the instructions provided here.

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