Integration options for UniTalk IP telephony with Zendesk Support

Publication date: 08.06.2021

Zendesk is a web-based customer support service. The service is convenient with an unlimited number of calls, cloud storage, integration with various chats, blogs, social networks, and receiving calls. There is a Zendesk Support mobile application that allows managers and employees to help customers quickly.


Integration of UniTalk IP telephony with Zendesk Support is completely free. With the help of integration, you can track all customer requests, keep calls and analytics data in circulation. You will be able to call the client directly from the Zendesk Support account.


Integrating UniTalk with Zendesk Support gives you a number of options.

Call history and conversation recording.

In the appeal, you can view the history of calls, follow the link to download and listen to the audio recording of the conversation.


Enterprise number for a Zendesk Support user.

Zendesk Support account users must be assigned a UniTalk internal line. This will allow you to set the employee responsible for the call and transfer the incoming call to him. It will also allow you to make outgoing calls directly from your Zendesk Support account.


Automatic creation of contact and appeal for incoming and outgoing calls.

Integration allows you to automatically create contacts and customer requests for phone calls. These cards are created for both incoming and outgoing calls.


Saving conversion data on a call.

During click to call and call tracking calls to Zendesk Support, such analytics data as Google Client ID, Facebook Client ID, utm tags, visitor IP address are transmitted from the UniTalk system.


Setting responsible when creating tickets.

You can choose a user or group to be responsible for creating a ticket.


Transferring an incoming call to a responsible employee.

With incoming calls, you can set up velcro, that is, transferring the call to the responsible employee. This requires a Zendesk Support agent to be associated with the ticket.


It is also necessary to configure in the incoming script the redirection of the call to the responsible manager in the CRM system.


Outgoing call in one click.

You can easily make outgoing calls to your customers with one click, right from your Zendesk Support dashboard. It is possible to call the client from the contact card.


It is also possible to call any number if your user has an internal line attached to it.


Widget that is displayed when making a call.

Users who are on a call are shown a UniTalk widget with information about the call. Also, this widget allows you to make outgoing calls and inform you about connection errors.


Display the contact name for incoming calls on the SIP client.

On incoming calls, the SIP client will display the contact name from Zendesk Support.


Connection instructions are available here.

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