“UniTalk Web Dialer” installation and use for Google Chrome

Publication date: 18.11.2022

1. Установка UniTalk Web Dialer 


Authorization in UniTalk Web Dialer

In order to use the extension, you need to register the line or log in with access to your personal account of your project in UniTalk.

The extension will be available on all open tabs that consist a content On the new browser tabs the extension will not be visible.

2.1. Authorization using personal UniTalk account data

To use “UniTalk Web Dialer” you can get authorized via your personal project UniTalk cabinet, but to use this option sip-line should be connected in your personal project.

You need to click on the extension – its interface will open:


“Account UniTalk” will be opened by default.

Enter data (login and password) from the personal UniTalk account of your project:


where is “” – your email that has been used upon the registration in UniTalk personal cabinet and press “Enter”.

Select the desired modes and click “Continue” (all modes are enabled by default):


Done! Authorization is complete. You can use an extension to have incoming/outcoming calls.

2.2. Authorization with SIP line data

Also, the extension can be used if to register the line from the project. In this case, it is unnecessary that the line should be assigned to a personal UniTalk cabinet user.

What is necessary to do so:

– select the “My SIP-account” tab


– enter the data for line registration.

You can find this data in the personal UniTalk account of your project, in the “Users” section.

Then you need to click on the gear in front of your desired line:

The information for line registration will unfold:

Line log-in number being sip-line number itself (four digits) what has to be registered.

– enter data from the UniTalk PC about the SIP line in the extension:


– wss://sip.unitalk.cloud:8080 

3. Використання UniTalk Web Dialer

3.1. Making the calls

To make a call, you must enter the number you want to call (you can enter from the keyboard, as well as from the buttons in the extension):


Where is “A” – country code, “YYY” – carrier code, “XXX-XX-XX” – subscriber phone number.

Press on “Call” (telephone handset in the center of the green circle) or press “Enter” on the keyboard.

The result:


3.2. Налаштування UniTalk Web Dialer

Switching from the extension to the project (only for PC authorization)

The extension allows you to move fast to the personal project in the UniTalk cabinet.

What is necessary to do so:

– Click on the user icon in the lower left corner of the extension interface


– click on “Go to personal cabinet” in the interface that opens

After pressing will be opened the new tab in your browser with the page “Calls history” of your project.

Extension settings

The extension has personal interface settings.

They are available by clicking on the user icon in the lower left corner of the extension:


Once clicked, you will be able to change the following settings


  • Работа с сообщениями

It is used in case of integration with individual CRM-systems, which functionality does not provide information on the number and its deal. This information is displayed in the UniTalk extension.

  • Звук входящего звонка

When this checkbox is checked in the corresponding field, the IPhone ringtone will be played on an incoming call to the extension. If you uncheck the box, the incoming call will not be accompanied by a melody.

  • Автоответ

If you activate this function in the corresponding field, then all incoming calls will be accepted automatically.

  • Масштаб

By default setup is “100%”, it is possible to change the size of the extension interface to your liking.

Exit from extension

To exit the UniTalk extension you need:

– Click on the user icon in the lower left corner of the extension interface


– click “Exit” on the opened interface

3.3. Смена статусов работы в Web Dialer

In version 0.0.7 of the application we added the ability to change the status of a job directly from within the application.

Job status is assigned to each user in the Unitalk personal cabinet and displays the logic of the employee’s work:

– If an employee is working, his SIP line receives incoming calls;

– If the employee is not working or is on pause, this SIP line call is not performed.


This status menu completely duplicates this functionality in the Unitalk personal cabinet, i.e. You will no longer need to go into the office to change your job status.


Additional pause statuses must be specified on this page https://my.unitalk.cloud/index.html#workschedulein the “Timetables” by adding new statuses.



3.4. Отправка SMS и Viber сообщений через Unitalk Web Dialer

The latest versions of our plugin for Google Chrome include the ability to send a message right during a call. This functionality was developed for faster and more convenient interaction with the client, because You can send him messages while you are still on the phone.

The text of the message can either be typed during the call or use pre-prepared message templates.

Sending messages is done through message services, with which integration is set up in the cabinet Unitalk (currently turbosms.ua, smsclub.mobi, bsg,world).

If the project does not have integration with the above services, the button to send messages in Web Dialer will be inactive, and when hovering over it, you will see a warning message that integration is not configured.


To connect the integration, you need to be registered on the listed services and get from there API key (which serves for authorization on this service) and allowed sender names (another name – Alpha name – is used to display this particular sender name to customers).

Configured integration in the personal cabinet looks as follows:

  1. выбран сервис, через который выполняет отправка сообщений;
  2. введен API ключ для авторизации на данном сервисе;
  3. введены имена отправителей (отдельно для SMS и Viber);
  4. настроены список доступных и запрещенных направлений сообщений. 


On this page you can also make templates for messages, for faster sending of messages or sending some standard messages (invitations, address, contacts, etc.)


The created templates are located just below and can be changed at any time if necessary.


When the integration with the messaging service is enabled, the button to send messages becomes active – when you click it, a sidebar opens with an area for entering messages and displaying the history of messages to this number.


For more convenient switching between SMS and Viber made a toggle mode. For visual distinction, SMS mode is highlighted in red, Viber – in purple.

If only 1 mode is enabled in the integration settings (SMS or Viber) – this switch is inactive and displays only the current option to send a message.


The template selection button allows you to immediately fill in the field for sending the message with the previously set text template. You can edit the message before you send it, for example, by specifying the client’s name.

For a convenient search for a template, if there are a lot of them, there is a search field by the name of the template.


Note: you can use and add emoticons to your messages. However, smiley support depends on each messaging service, and the selected smiles may not be supported. Then this message will not be sent and a sending error will be displayed.

When the message is sent successfully, the add-on signals the following information:

– The method of sending the message (SMS,Viber) is shown above the message;

– The check mark in the right corner of the message shows that the message has been successfully sent to the messenger service;

– the time the message was sent.



If sending the message was unsuccessful, there will be an exclamation mark next to the message and below that a message explaining why it was unsuccessful.


– errors related to the Unitalk user interface are described in detail in the language of the project;

– The errors we receive from the messaging service are shown in the original form – if the error does not make sense, it is necessary to contact technical support for more information.



*строка “7000” взята в качестве примера, вместо этого номера будет тот, который привязан к вашему профилю в личном кабинете UniTalk